Dear Delegates,

Allow us to express our gratitude for showing your interest in NPSiMUN VIII. As you may already know, Model United Nations is a platform for individuals like yourselves to develop an acute awareness of conflicts and issues that have global implications. It goes without saying that these agendas go beyond what would be conventionally discussed in mainstream media outlets, for sometimes the most pressing issues are sequestered by political agendas and populist rhetoric invisible to us. 

MUN is an opportunity for you to sharpen your analytical abilities, voice your convictions, and have fun. Nevertheless, we are aware that these things may be of little value to those of you who don’t have a habit of or see the value in public speaking or keeping up to date with current affairs. However, as cliché as this may sound, it’s never too late to start caring. 

Living in an age where it is nearly impossible to isolate ourselves from the outside world, slowly, subtly, but surely, we will face the consequences of our actions. The pandemic itself has left no one unaffected. In these tumultuous times, it is imperative we become mindful of the things which matter most. As members of our generation struggle to separate themselves from the identities of millions online, our ability to think independently and educate ourselves has begun to diminish. Now more than ever, conferences such as MUN are needed to prevent estrangement from reality. It is in our hands, and our hands alone, to change this. 

The world has enough “partisans” and “influencers”, but what it does not have is enough good people. If you think you have to be esoteric or ingenious to succeed at MUN then you are gravely mistaken. Sometimes, all it takes is being a good listener and contributing meaningfully to a discussion. If you ask us what makes a good delegate, the first traits that would come to mind would be patience and humility. It would be foolish of us to suggest that our MUN can teach you all that our world needs over the course of three days. But if anything, we can promise you a start. 

At the end of the day, greater than the resolutions which are passed are the conversations that transpire within the classrooms of schools, in corners of the world. As it is the conversations, experiences, and relationships built within such simulations which hold the power to bring real change. Sure, we may never be in positions that amass immense power but we are always in a position to better the lives of those around us. And so we welcome you to NPSiMUN VIII, in hopes of building a better world.

Best wishes,
The Secretariat of NPSiMUN VIII.

Gauri’s innate passion for public speaking and current affairs, paired with her intense competitiveness, led her to discover Model UN. NPSiMUN 2020 will be her 11th conference, and she hopes that it will offer students a distinctive opportunity to debate issues of global significance, take a look at things from a different perspective, and grow, not only as intellectuals, but as human beings.

When she’s not at a MUN, you can find her attempting to play Billie Eilish on her ukulele, drinking overpriced coffee at the nearest hipster cafe, or complaining about the workload that comes with being an IB™ student, yet procrastinating most of it. Her indecisive nature also manifests through her highly abstract subject combination of Chemistry, Math and Economics, and while she likes to believe she has an answer for everything, the simple question “What do you want to do in the future?” often leaves her fumbling for words.

However, although she may be unsure about the future, she has never been more certain about the fact that while vanilla may be her favourite ice cream flavour,  this conference will be anything but basic. After all, her intrinsic desire for perfection only spurs her endeavour to make this an unforgettable experience for all who attend, and ensures that delegates walk away with a renewed sense of curiosity about the world around them.

Manav made his way into the MUN circuit in 2016 and was instantly hooked. To him, MUN is a parallel universe of sorts where the youth take a break from the daily drudgery of ordinary school life and, in the capacity of delegates, commandeer a country’s policies and actions in the hope of resolving the issues of today. As someone who dabbles in a plethora of hobbies, he also has an ardent passion for athletics, football, building drones, and playing a terrible ripoff of Bohemian Rhapsody on the keyboard over and over again until attacked by any unfortunate bystanders. He also has a peculiar fascination for antiheroes, most notably Rorschach, Deadpool and Wolverine.

In the wake of the geopolitical turbulence and uncertainty that have come to define the zeitgeist of the 21st century, Manav finds it especially important as the DSG to encourage students to take it upon themselves to wholeheartedly discuss, critically evaluate, and comprehensively resolve the issues with which we are faced today. He hopes that you, the delegates, will use the opportunity bestowed on you by MUN not as a weapon to wage war, but as an instrument to instill peace and security in this divided world.

P.S. – Don’t panic when you see him during the conference. He’s not actually having a stroke – he just looks like that.

Srinjana has been a part of the Singaporean MUN circuit for the past 4 years and she has come to the conclusion that the law of diminishing marginal utility has only one exception: MUN. Apart from playing devil’s advocate and fervently debating any claim, a few of her other interests include: impersonating anime characters in inappropriate instances and playing the violin, in hopes that she can, one day, play alongside Lindsey Stirling. She has recently developed an acute addiction to Desmos and, sincerely, hopes someone can free her from utilising her leisure time to do mathematics. Barring the above and her Achilles heel for vines, you could also find Srinjana in her natural habitat (her bed) contemplating, “What would Rick Sanchez do?”

With regards to MUN, Srinjana has been a part of 12 conferences and hopes NPSiMUN 2020 will not be the last. Each MUN has been an overwhelming experience for her, in terms of personal growth and learning. Her liking for intellectual stimulus has allowed MUNs to be recurring events in her calendar and hopes it will be the same for all the delegates attending NPSiMUN 2020. As the newly appointed USG of Conference Management, she can only hope to maintain the legacy passed down to her by the previous Secretariat and with that, she ensures everyone attending NPSiMUN 2020 will have an exceptional experience.

Tanisha is currently an IB student who began her MUN journey back in 2016. She considers her first MUN experience rather notorious where she found herself intimidated by everyone in her council, and subsequently swore off attending another conference ever again. However, that break was short-lived and she found herself back in the MUN circuit with the help of her peers. NPSiMUN 2020 will be her last conference in high school and therefore she hopes to help facilitate a conference where delegates are able to develop confidence and leadership skills while expanding their knowledge about global issues.

Aside from attending MUN conferences, you can find Tanisha constantly going to the kitchen to see if food has magically appeared in her empty fridge (by the way, it never does) or planning a round-the-world trip she aspires to take in the future, hopefully with a dog by her side. She’d like to think that her love for travel stems from the same passion that drives her to attend MUNs.

Furthermore as Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” Tanisha hopes that you keep this in mind while attending the conference because it is imperative to remember that the main objective of a Model UN conference is to diplomatically find creative solutions that can help make this world a better place for everyone.

Rupambika has been a member of the MUN circuit since 2016- attending 19 conferences in the capacity of a delegate, chairperson or organizer. Her interests include ingesting coffee infinitely, boxing, dance, law, spending money on unnecessary paraphernalia, complaining about how people misspell her name and public speaking in all its forms. While not drowning in excessive extracurriculars, you can find her stuck in the quagmire that is her Instagram explore page.  She won’t hesitate to prove why Gossip Girl is the most astounding television series ever fabricated and will fight anyone who criticizes her carefully-curated music playlists. Feel free to approach her and converse about anything because she NEVER ceases to talk and thoroughly enjoys meeting new people. Her obsession with the unknown prompted her to pursue 3 sciences in the IB diploma and work for The Girl Code. Her overachieving and perfectionist tendencies make her complain about trivial things; losing a single mark for example

An advocate for self love, equality and environmental action- she wants change and believes that through MUN, one can voice their opinions and pave the way for a somewhat ideal future. Rupambika never thought she’d be marketing anything, and definitely not something as reputed as NPSiMUN, but she’s grown to like it- it’s the only reason she opens her messages. 

Aditya first embarked on his MUN journey in 2016, not knowing what a position paper or a study guide meant, the initial stages of his MUN journey were rather bumpy. Along the process, he embedded himself well into the MUN circuit, and several other public speaking platforms. Aditya is currently in his first year of IB, and aspires to pursue medicine in his future. Amongst his array of skills, he specialises at strategic planning and execution, and hence would be joining us as the USG of Logistics.

Aditya is very passionate about sports, his favourite being football. He has represented several teams and clubs in Singapore, including his very own school team. Although, if you support Chelsea in the EPL, we suggest that you keep your distance from him. Alongside football, he is an avid guitarist and is always passionate about travel, so you might find him sharing a few of his anecdotes, especially his scuba diving ones. He is socially extroverted, amiable and approachable, and is always open to meeting new people. Aditya hopes for a “fruitful” journey in NPSiMUN 2020, and also to become at least 6ft tall.

Saarthak’s MUN story started at NPSiMUN 2016 and being a fan of circular plot structures; he hopes that NPSiMUN 2020 will be the final chapter of this story. Until now, he has attended 10 conferences, 7 as a delegate and 3 as a chair. He is passionate about a confusing number of subjects, including theoretical physics, mathematics, and economics, and direly hopes that he decides what to do with his life soon. When he isn’t contemplating the same, you could find him obsessively re-watching ‘The Office’, trying to sneak pathetic puns into serious conversations, or reading about the meddled state of American politics.

Unabashedly proud of being more than halfway through his goal of watching 1000 feature films and 4000 TV episodes by the age of 20, Saarthak seeks escapist entertainment in the form of critically-acclaimed cinema and shows across a variety of genres, and he is always armed with new recommendations to dispense at will, even if no one asks. Delegates wishing to discuss who played the better Joker or simply wanting to talk about current affairs can look around for this short skinny bespectacled guy. Saarthak’s belief in the utility of platforms like MUN has never wavered and is confident of their ability to instill passion and skill for public discourse in students. He looks forward to the conference and is excited to fulfill his role as the USG of Academics!

Tarunyaa is a nerd. She loves astronomy AND anime and hence is, irrevocably and undeniably, a ‘n e r d’. She accepts it though. In fact, she wholeheartedly enjoys being a nerd. She relishes inducing existential dread in herself through the medium of stargazing, and she absolutely loves seeing characters react to morally skewed situations in anime. To add evidence to this testimony, one of her favorite gifts of all time was a pocket microscope that kept her awake all night and enabled her to look at the jagged edges of fabric in her seemingly soft clothes and the monstrosity that is her skin on a micro-scale. She didn’t even try to explain herself when her mom walked in on her, on the floor, trying to understand the texture of the tiles. 

Tarunyaa has learned many life lessons through the 10 MUN conferences she has been a part of and she understands the impact MUN can have on intellectual and emotional growth. Motivating each other to come up with the resolution that can satisfy the most stakeholders, while collaboratively juggling the myriad political agendas involved, MUN espouses the perfect amalgamation of ideals and reality. At this point, she realizes that she is rambling on and that speaking about herself in the third person is weird. Hence, she chooses to end her bio awkwardly with a simple quote: “I’ll take a potato chip AND EAT IT!”