The Secretariat


    Krithik Medwin Rock


Krithik Medwin Rock is a seventeen-year-old student at NPSi who is probably just excessively pretentious and eloquent besides heavily-opinionated. He first stepped into the MUNing stratosphere as an enthralled (and unfortunately underage) spectator at his school’s conference in 2014 after which it has grown exponentially (along with him, evidently); racking up awards (but no gavel, yet) at all but two, alongside the ‘Best Chair’ superlative (every single time he’s chaired) in twelve conferences since. Possessing an ardent affinity for public policy and philosophy, he could never shy away from a debate and regularly following sport; he has never had a week go by without football for as long as he can remember. When not travailing in the best interests of his scholastic deadlines, he can be sought solitary and deep in thought or in the forefront of a fiery debate. He hopes that you find this iteration of NPSiMUN an enthralling experience that you will find thought-provoking.


Deputy Secretary-General

Priyankar Kandarpa


Priyankar Kandarpa is an IB Year 2 student, humanities fan and part-time psephologist . He adores History, Political Science, Economics and Literature and writes regularly on his blog on Medium and Facebook. His love for international relations drew him towards MUN, where he has helped in managing NPSIMUNs since 2015 and heading the Crisis Backroom in 2017. Although he hasn’t been a delegate at NPSiMUN since 2014, you can trust that he will smoothly run the Academics team for this MUN.

Always online on WhatsApp and quick to reply to emails, you can be sure to have a reply from him without too much of a wait by contacting him at


Under-Secretary-General – Marketing

Archit Varun Sahu 


Archit is a current IB Year 2 student with a subject combination of Physics, Maths and Economics at the higher level. An ardent MUN’er, he has been active in the MUN scene since 2014, having chaired several MUN’s and taken part as a delegate in several others, such as Yale – NUS and NTUMUN. Having garnered many awards over the years, including, Best Delegate, Best Position Paper and countless Honorable Mentions, he is a seasoned MUN’er with his eye on the ball at all times. He is passionate about the drums and performs for various charity events with his band. He looks forward to setting up this years edition of NPSiMUN and hopes that it serves as a lasting memory for all that attend.


Under-Secretary-General – Logistics

Kashmir Kalsi


Kashmir is currently surviving IB year 2 and has developed a strong interest in the field of economics as he enjoys thinking critically and relating to the global affairs. When not in the classroom, Kashmir proves to be an extremely passionate and dedicated football player as he spends hours training or playing around with friends. Apart from that, Kashmir was first introduced to the MUN circuit in 2015 and ever since has attended 4 conferences. His major role in the upcoming NPSiMUN 2018 is as the Under-Secretary-General of Logistics.

Kashmir would like to wish all delegates the very best of luck and hopes everyone will have a great time at NPSiMUN2018 while interacting with each other and constructively contributing to their respective councils.


Under-Secretary-General – Finance

Ryan Patel


Ryan is an IB Year 2 student at NPSI and loves to take part in organizing numerous events. Despite his horrific HL subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Math, he is always calm and approachable whenever and wherever. Besides the many academic rewards he has received, he enjoys sports, his favorites being football and table tennis.

Ryan greatly enjoyed his past MUN experience and looks forward to making NPSiMUN 2018 as grand as possible.