The Secretariat

Secretary-General: Vyas Nageswaran

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Vyas has been an active member of the MUN community since 2015. He is zealous about traveling, song-writing, and identifying himself as the protagonist of every Netflix show that he binge watches. He has been vehemently playing basketball for his school team for the last seven years and has recently developed an affinity for Vedic Philosophy along with a proclivity to express his thoughts (often cathartically) through regular blogging. He has a voracious tendency to embrace his inner zodiac and justifies most of his decisions by saying “that’s what a Scorpio would do.”

With regard to MUN, Vyas has attended seven conferences, out of which he has been a delegate for five and a chair for two. His first experience as a chair was for the SOCHUM committee in NPSiMUN, 2018. He hopes to do justice to the precedent set forth by his predecessors by recreating a hospitable environment for delegates to articulate their convictions with confidence while keeping an open-mind to contravening arguments and dialectic. To quote former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, “for to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Deputy Secretary-General: Medha Priyadarshini

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Medha has been an active member of the MUN community since 2014. She regularly exercises her vocal cords and her inherent dramatic skills, and is self-taught in playing the harmonica and, partly, the guitar. She has taken a recent liking to squash, but almost always complains about how she hasn’t gone for days. She enjoys reading mystery books, the ones with the most gore, and often replicates those visuals in her own writing; she does, however, manage to write sappy love stories as well. If she isn’t doing any of the above, you might catch her roaring K-Pop songs, but don’t let that scare you; her very affable nature will eventually draw you into being her friend!

Regarding MUN, Medha has attended ten conferences, out of which she has been a delegate for eight and a chair for two. Her first experience as a delegate was, funnily enough, an accident: she was a replacement. Fortunately, her interest in the field grew, and now she can’t imagine not MUNing. Her first experience as a chair was for the United Nations Security Council at NPSiMUN 2017. Medha hopes that NPSiMUN 2019 will be a fruitful experience for delegates and that they too will cultivate a similar fondness and passion for MUNing.

Under-Secretary-General of Logistics: Zain Mohammed Buhari

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Zain considers himself to be a “world citizen” who has been interested in international affairs ever since his first taste of MUN back in NPSiMUN 2015. He enjoys learning about new cultures and exploring the lives of different people, especially through his culinary adventures. He enjoys traveling and exploring the world through a different point of view. He takes interest in Economics and has his sights focused on the niche field of Behavioural Economics. Zain subscribes to sartorialism and it is rare to see him around without some sort of sartorial experimentation going on.

Zain attended his first MUN in 2015 and has attended seven conferences since. He is an outspoken individual who’s not afraid to voice his opinions. He hopes for a fruitful and fun MUN experience ahead. Excited to see you all at the conference!

Under-Secretary-General of Conference Management: Trisha Unnikrishnan


As Trisha takes up the mantle of the USG of Conference Management for NPSiMUN 2019, she’s promising herself, once again, that this will be her last MUN. Despite her worryingly short attention span, she has managed to sustain her interest in the activity since her first MUN back in 2015 where she, proudly, spoke a total of four times. As she enters IB Year 2, however, she finds that incorrectly formatted resolutions, 23:59 position paper submissions and “delegate, your time has elapsed” have become integral to her high school experience. Trisha is unapologetically proud of her ability to predict Buzzfeed quiz results, recite every Friends’ dialogue ever to be spoken, and her self-injurious tendency to take on more work than she can manage.

Model United Nations serves as an incredible opportunity to explore pertinent issues and garner pivotal skills such as research, public speaking and networking and she hopes that she can help NPSiMUN 2019 make a memorable one. So, until you get to personally meet her in August, feel free to judge her based on this embarrassing picture and last- minute write up!

Under-Secretary-General of Finance: Jai Singh Dhillon

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An IB Year 2 student at NPSi, Jai has been attending MUNs since 2014. As he takes Economics and Business Management, he seems to be the go-to guy to head a finance team for any event. This year’s NPSiMUN is no different. You would be hard pressed to find Jai not surrounded by others discussing one of his many passions, ranging from football and Formula 1 to politics. He discovered his love for MUNs as a platform to get his ideas across whilst public speaking, which he also thoroughly enjoys.

Jai has attended ten MUN Conferences in which he has developed a particular liking towards specialized and crisis committees, after having nearly tried all types of committees under the sun. In Jai’s eyes, MUN should not be something which is feared (which is what he regularly observes with others), but rather as a platform to learn, frame structured arguments, and connect with others. At any conference, he can be spotted easily with his flashy ties, or with a witty point of information; what grabs more attention is for you to decide.

Under-Secretary-General of Marketing: Suhaana Khanna

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Suhaana is currently a second year student of the IBDP at NPSi, whose passion for MUN stems from her love for public speaking, intense debating, and networking. Apart from dealing with the copious amount of work that she lets pile up, Suhaana enjoys being actively involved in her school’s events committee, going online shopping, and eating Mac n Cheese. In addition to this, she is passionate about coding, and has recently developed an interest in website designing (p.s. she made this website). She has also been a part of the marketing teams for multiple school events, which gave her the experience to assume the role of USG of Marketing for NPSiMUN 2019.

With regards to Model UN, this will be Suhaana’s eighth conference, and her fourth time chairing. Having delegated and chaired in a variety of councils, from humanitarian ones to legal committees, she believes that MUN is a place for all students to explore current affairs and formulate well-substantiated opinions on issues that are significant in today’s political climate. As a chair, she loves seeing delegates develop their speaking ability, research skills, and confidence, and hopes that delegates will have a memorable experience at this year’s conference.