About Us

About NPSiMUN:

NPSiMUN began as a humble experiment from the Class of 2014 to kindle students’ interest in diplomacy, current affairs, debate, and oratory. From a school-wide MUN of fewer than 100 delegates, it has since become an inter-school forum where students from a host of institutions register as delegates in a fiercely competitive but enjoyable conference. In the previous MUN held in 2018, close to 300 delegates registered; the largest number in NPSiMUN’s history.

NPSiMUN has also cultivated great talent from within the school; delegates from within NPS have performed outstandingly well in national MUNs, including Singapore MUN, Yale-NUS MUN, and NTU MUN. In 2017, NPS clinched its first best delegation award yet at the Indian International MUN Conference in Singapore.

In its seventh iteration, NPSiMUN promises to be a successful platform for global discourse; expanding to encompass a wider audience of schools and delegates, while resolving to maintain the high standards by previous conferences while expanding our reach to new schools, new ideas, and new minds.

What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations, or MUN, refers to conferences held to simulate the United Nations conferences. It provides a unique platform for students to negotiate, collaborate and brainstorm solutions for global issues. Delegates usually represent nations, but may also represent Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), pressure groups and non-state actors. Through this experience, participants will not only have the opportunity of learning essential skills such as communications, oratory, and cooperation but will also be able to understand the causes, nature, and effects of world crises from a variety of viewpoints, while appreciating the need for common sense solutions to modern day crisis.